April Market Report : S.E. Asia Beef Industry

Southeast Asian Beef Market Report

29th Edition : April 2016.

Key Points 

  • Indonesian import permits delayed yet again
  • Appeals commencing over price fixing convictions
  • Chinese Grey trade ex Thailand reopens on the Mekong
  • Softening Australian feeder prices a big relief for all importers

160508 Market Graph

Indonesia: Slaughter Steers AUD $4.00 / kg live weight (Rp10,000 = $1AUD) 

There are plenty of very high cost fat cattle around at the moment and demand is soft so prices have eased a little since last month with even a bit of discounting for volume sales in the Jakarta area down to as low as Rp38,000 per kg live weight.  This is not across the board so I am using Rp40,000 for the report figure this month.  The Medan price remains at around Rp44,000 as supplies there are still very tight.  The only good news for importers at the moment is that the price of Australian feeders is coming…

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