Organic pork gains ground in Vietnam

Despite selling at higher prices, organic pork is gaining ground in Vietnam. Le Bich Ngoc, who manages an organic food store in Ho Chi Minh told Asian Agribiz that higher income and health conscious consumers are willing to pay up to three times as much for the product, priced between USD 10.70-11.50/kg. Bui Bich Lien, Director of Thuy Thien Nhu Farm Ltd, an integrated farm of Orfarm organic brand, said the higher price is justified because organic pigs cost more and take longer to produce.

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  1. You know what, guys, I’ve tried this organic pork at home. I just boiled it and eat with a bit of fish-sauce, and I can tell that although the fat content in this pork is higher than in high-lean-meat industrialized farmed pork, but the flavor is very clear and the taste is…sweet (I mean juicy).
    Considering investment cost, market image, flavor, fat content,…I’ll give it a thumbs up.


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