The World’s Second Most Efficient Beef Production System

Southeast Asian Beef Market Report

The production of beef cattle integrated with oil palm plantations is arguably more efficient than any other production model available today with the exception of Indian dairy buffalo beef.

cattle palm

The key elements of this production system are :

  • Cattle graze on native grass growing under the trees on existing palm plantations hence the land investment component of the enterprise is not required.
  • As all significant palm plantations are located in equatorial zones, reliable rainfall ensures green grass is available for grazing every day of the year.
  • Cell grazing using electric fencing provides for minimal infrastructure costs
  • Labour requirements are low and uncomplicated with daily movements of cattle providing opportunities for close observation and inexpensive intervention as required. Normal management practices such as weaning blend in easily with the constant flow of the cell grazing process.
  • Well-managed cattle production will actually reduce net plantation management costs, cutting both labour and herbicide…

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