October Market Report : S.E. Asian Beef Industry

Southeast Asian Beef Market Report

35th Edition : October 2016.

Key Points 

  • Indonesian feedlotters agree to import 20% breeders
  • Insignificant numbers imported to Indonesia for September & October & early November
  • More Vietnamese feedlotters excluded from Australian import supply chains
  • Shipping rates under great pressure


Indonesia  :  Slaughter Steers AUD $4.32 / kg live weight (Rp9,950 = $1AUD) 

Live slaughter cattle prices have firmed a little to Rp43,000 per kg as feedlot inventories continue to dwindle.  It will be interesting to watch the tug of war between raw supply and demand and the wishes of the Government of Indonesia as feedlot supplies gradually dry up towards the end of December.  The long running dispute between the government and importers regarding mandatory breeder imports has meant that an insignificant number of feeder cattle were imported into Indonesia during September and October.  With most importers only getting their T3 permits around the first week of November…

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