December Market Report : S.E. Asian Beef Industry

Southeast Asian Beef Market Report

37th Edition : December 2016.

Key Points 

  • Indian buffalo seriously impacting slaughter cattle demand
  • Indonesian feeder imports could reduce by 50% during 2017graph-december

Indonesia  :  Slaughter Steers AUD $4.23 / kg live weight (Rp 9,800 = $1AUD) 

Live slaughter prices continue to slip with the December indicator rate at Rp41,500 which converts to AUD$4.23 with the slightly weaker AUD.

During December the majority of the balance of the 125,000 T3 permits were delivered into Indonesia to set up supplies for next year’s Ramadan.  With additional imports scheduled early in the new year it will be interesting to see if these numbers will be adequate for demand during Ramadan and Lebaran.

Numbers of slaughter-ready cattle in Indonesian feedlots are at a very low level.  While I am unable to provide an accurate estimate of the current fat cattle population, it would be pretty safe to say that given there…

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