Pig Feed Quality Conference 2017 is coming to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – 25 & 26 April 2017.

A review by Arief Fachrudin

A strong technical program addressing fundamental themes which can enhance the performance, quality and profitability of your pig and feed production …

Attracting more than 225 delegates from throughout Asia and beyond, the annual Asian Agribiz Pig Feed Quality Conference is Asia’s leading conference and scientific forum for pig and feed industry professionals to update their knowledge and network with industry peers.

The two-day conference has a strong technical program, in which internationally and regionally renowned speakers from academia and industry will present regionally relevant research and trial data and the latest thinking to provide actionable take-home messages to help pig producers and feed millers improve productivity, profit margins and sustainability.

Following strong feedback at the 2016 Pig Feed Quality Conference in Bangkok we will address three major themes:

Feeding for heavier body weights without sacrificing carcass quality. Market weight is an important influence on meat quality as well as profit. The cost for producing a given amount of pork reduces as pig market weight increases. This is mainly due to a decreased marginal production cost accompanying the increased market weight, because costs for sow management, nursery management and genetic premiums for sows per market pig decreases following an increase in market weight. Practical nutritional strategies to maximise the lean gain potential of heavier bodyweight pigs, while maintaining carcass quality will be reviewed.

Reducing the use of in-feed antibiotics. Replacing antibiotic growth promotants (AGPs) will require a holistic approach to improve animal health status and performance through better management, biosecurity measures, vaccination programs, diagnostics and feeding. Nutritional strategies for maintaining good health and performance to stimulate gut development and health, in order to improve growth performance while minimising the use of AGPs will be considered.

Managing low crude protein diets. Feeding pig diets low in crude protein (but balanced in essential amino acids) will be examined. Benefits Include reduced heat increment, manure output, nitrogen excretion and ammonia emissions while maintaining performance of pigs and lowering feed costs. Other advantages include increased net energy of the diet due to less energy used for deamination of excess amino acids, and less nitrogen in the hindgut of the pig, which reduces the risk of scouring.

In addition there will be a special session:

Translating pig nutrition research into practice. Covering a broad range of topics, this session will bring you recent research and advances, translating pig nutrition science into best practice.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from world-class pig nutritionists and get answers to your questions. They will provide practical insights into the latest science supported by relevant trial data that you can apply in your everyday pig and feed operations.

For more related events and industry news, please visit: http://www.asian-agribiz.com/

Ha Thu (Ms.)
Editorial Representative to Asian Agribiz Magazine
International trade and affairs; Agriculture; Fisheries; aquaculture; seafood
Mobile: +84.988.692.338
Skype: corazondehathu
Linkedin profile: vn.linkedin.com/pub/ha-thu/34/381/48b/
Website: http://www.asian-agribiz.com/Home/


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