March Market Report : S.E. Asian Beef Industry

Southeast Asian Beef Market Report

40th Edition : March 2017.

Key Points 

  • Weak slaughter cattle demand in Indonesia squeezing importers from all sides
  • Buffalo beef now in Indonesian supermarket chains
  • New 450kg policy will fail unless the 120 day rule is removed 

Indonesia  :  Slaughter Steers AUD $4.04 / kg live weight (Rp 10,150 = $1AUD) 

Weak demand is increasing the pressure on Indonesian lot feeders with some discounting of slaughter cattle during March to as low as Rp39,500. There are also some sales at Rp40k but the average is sitting at about Rp41k which I have used as this month’s indicator price.  The Rp has strengthened a little against the AUD so the drop in the price to $4.04 doesn’t look as much as it really is in the local market.

This price is a serious problem for lot feeders with their current buy in price at around Rp43,000 per kg CIF…

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